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 Photo by Jordan Scott

Photo by Jordan Scott


Jordan Scott is a poet with a stutter. After studying interrogation transcripts from Guantánamo Bay detention camp, he became interested in how detainees' stutters were systematically interpreted as markers of dishonesty. 

Scott applied to tour the prison to interview interrogators, but at the last minute was informed that his interviews wouldn't be possible. With Guantánamo's censorship culture in mind, Scott changed tactics. He asked to record ambient sound at the prison instead. Gitmo officials, though puzzled, obliged. 

This piece begins in an open-air part of the prison called Camp X-Ray. X-Ray is where Guantánamo's most notorious torture occurred. Today, it stands decommissioned and overgrown with nature. 

This documentary contains Scott's field recordings and retelling of events from his visit.

You can learn more about Jordan and his research at Guantanamo here

Ambient, Sir was commissioned and produced for BBC Short Cuts and edited by Eleanor McDowall.