Audio Producer + Community Artist


I'm an audio producer and community artist based in Toronto.

My work has aired on the BBC's Short Cuts, WBEZ’s Re:Sound, and CBC’s The Doc ProjectLove Me, Now or Never, and Ideas.

I am also the co-founder of Constellations, a podcast and collective for sound art and experimental audio. Sometimes I facilitate radio and puppetry workshops.

These days I'm working at CBC Radio as a producer on Personal Best.

My love of audio was born from community arts pratice, where I collaborated with communities in accessible spaces across the Greater Toronto Area to design story-based interactive audio-visual installations. This work was deeply informed by time spent working at PARC with Making Room Community Arts and Jumblies Theatre.

CV Available on request.                                                        

photo by my main gal  ivana dizdar

photo by my main gal ivana dizdar

Want to talk sound or collaboration? Get in touch. I'll be listening for you.