Audio Producer + Community Artist


10/09/19 - I co-produced Independence Day, a doc for CBC”s The Doc Project with producer Sean Towgood. It’s about Sean’s attempts to plough through a zillion layers of bureaucracy to find accessible housing in Toronto so he can move out of his mom’s suburban bungalow and dig into his career as a journalist.

05/19 - I will led a presentation and workshop at the PRX Podcasting Garage in Boston with Aliya Pabani about collaborative audio storytelling, and how it can borrow methods and best practices from community arts, film, and theatre to tell stories that engage multiple points of view, and hold space for self-representation. 

04/19 - Ireland audio adventures galore! This past April, I had the opportunity to attend MIRP and Hearsay to present a selection of work from Constellations, as well as the IFC to showcase Ambient Sir, which played as part of the conference story selection.

19/11/18 ~ My piece Ambient Sir is aired in an episode of Sketchpad on 107.9fm WMCB, curated by Karen Werner about the body/absent body in a listening lecture for students in the Goddard College group study, Radio Art: Listening to the Deep Connection. Featuring sound pieces by Eliane Radigue, Gregory Whitehead, myself, Der Sprechchor, and Karen Werner.

30/10/18 ~ Constellations was awarded a media arts grant from the Toronto Arts Council for an upcoming sound art exhibition, featuring new works by 7 sound-based artists . More info to come.

28/10/18 ~ An adaptation of my piece Perfect Woman is airing on Love + Radio this week. Listen to Points of Egress here.

04/10/18 ~ I had the joy of collaborating with Nina Garthwaite of In the Dark to present a workshop on radio and movement as part of Soundhouse: The Listening Body at the Barbican. More info HERE.

06/07/18 ~ I co-wrote a manifesto for audio art which doesn’t rely on the visual in Earlid’s summer forum, Radio Without Scaffolding Check out Sound Is the Most Sound Medium here.

15/06/18 ~ My doc, Dear Dream was featured on WBEZ’s Re:Sound.

02/06/18 ~ I co-curated a listening session of works from my experimental audio project, Constellations, this week. It was presented by the brilliant Michelle Macklem at Audiocraft in Sydney.

24/04/18 ~ I was the associate producer on CBC’s podcast Mic Drop, which rolled out today. Listen here.

06/04/18 ~ The CBC podcast series I’ve been working on this past year launches today. Listen to Personal Best here.

01/03/17 ~ I wrote an article about what happens when the story you pitched isn't the one that's unfolding for The Doc Project. Read it here.

25/02/17 ~ Audible Feast included a write up of my doc Dear Dream this week: "This documentary is chock full of emotion – can you imagine wanting to go back to a physically demanding career, but your body just can’t handle it, and you’re 17? I couldn’t help but feel so much empathy for the unnamed gymnast as she experiences a tremendous loss so early in her life, when she is going through so much emotionally as a teen already." 

21/01/17 ~ I’m beyond stoked to be participating in CBC’s Doc Mentorship Program, creating my first long-form doc for CBC’s The Doc Project.

09/16 ~ I’m thrilled to have been selected as one of 10 emerging doc-makers for the DOC Institute-Laidlaw Bursary Program for Emerging Documentary Filmmakers, to be mentored by interactive doc-maker Marc Serpa-Francoeur.