Audio Producer + Community Artist


04/19 - Ireland audio adventures galore! This past April, I had the opportunity to attend MIRP and Hearsay to present a selection of work from Constellations, as well as the IFC to showcase Ambient Sir, which played as part of the conference story selection.

19/11/18 ~ My piece Ambient Sir is aired in an episode of Sketchpad on 107.9fm WMCB, curated by Karen Werner about the body/absent body in a listening lecture for students in the Goddard College group study, Radio Art: Listening to the Deep Connection. Featuring sound pieces by Eliane Radigue, Gregory Whitehead, myself, Der Sprechchor, and Karen Werner.

30/10/18 ~ Constellations was awarded a media arts grant from the Toronto Arts Council for an upcoming sound art exhibition, featuring new works by 7 sound-based artists . More info to come.

28/10/18 ~ An adaptation of my piece Perfect Woman is airing on Love + Radio this week. Listen to Points of Egress here.

04/10/18 ~ I had the joy of collaborating with Nina Garthwaite of In the Dark to present a workshop on radio and movement as part of Soundhouse: The Listening Body at the Barbican. More info HERE.

06/07/18 ~ I co-wrote a manifesto for audio art which doesn’t rely on the visual in Earlid’s summer forum, Radio Without Scaffolding Check out Sound Is the Most Sound Medium here.

15/06/18 ~ My doc, Dear Dream was featured on WBEZ’s Re:Sound.

02/06/18 ~ I co-curated a listening session of works from my experimental audio project, Constellations, this week. It was presented by the brilliant Michelle Macklem at Audiocraft in Sydney.

24/04/18 ~ I was the associate producer on CBC’s podcast Mic Drop, which rolled out today. Listen here.

06/04/18 ~ The CBC podcast series I’ve been working on this past year launches today. Listen to Personal Best here.

01/03/17 ~ I wrote an article about what happens when the story you pitched isn't the one that's unfolding for The Doc Project. Read it here.

25/02/17 ~ Audible Feast included a write up of my doc Dear Dream this week: "This documentary is chock full of emotion – can you imagine wanting to go back to a physically demanding career, but your body just can’t handle it, and you’re 17? I couldn’t help but feel so much empathy for the unnamed gymnast as she experiences a tremendous loss so early in her life, when she is going through so much emotionally as a teen already." 

21/01/17 ~ I’m beyond stoked to be participating in CBC’s Doc Mentorship Program, creating my first long-form doc for CBC’s The Doc Project.

09/16 ~ I’m thrilled to have been selected as one of 10 emerging doc-makers for the DOC Institute-Laidlaw Bursary Program for Emerging Documentary Filmmakers, to be mentored by interactive doc-maker Marc Serpa-Francoeur.